People Analytics Trends 2021

People analytics is experiencing accelerated growth, fuelled by a Data Driven Culture for HR.

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People analytics is experiencing accelerated growth and Leading Companies are fuelled by a Data Driven Culture for HR

Six in every ten companies grew their people analytics team in the 12 months to June 2021

People analytics teams now have one person for every 2900 employees, up from one in every 4000 in the preceding 12 months

Of the 42% of companies who stated they have a data driven culture… 90% are confident their work delivers value to the business

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This report reveals why the conventional lens of a ‘maturity model’ will not get you there fast enough, the technology you should invest in, and precisely what roles make up a successful people analytics function

Learn how to advance the success of your HR function in the digital age and understand how HR professionals today compare with the behaviours associated with digital potential.

This report analyses data from 139 respondents (including 92 human resources leaders) to provide guidance to EX and people analytics leaders on how to demonstrate the business value of EX